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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Hurry up spring

It keeps raining at weekends, that's the trouble.

Then when it clears up for a while the allotment seems like too much hassle, muddy as it is.

Last weekend Adam went for a visit and a bit of a dig.

And took the camera so I could see what's going on down there

I've been neglectful, really. Even if neglectful isn't a real word.

I keep thinking it's spring, and then it's not, again.

There's a bit of garlic, and rhubarb... but, hurry up spring.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Considering cabbages.

You know, all you're going to see from our plot for the next month or so are pictures of brassica leaves.

They're the only things of any interest at the moment, and I'm strangely fascinated by them.

They've got pink bits on, for goodness sake! Pink bits!

How lovely.

Some of the garlic that Adam planted last Autumn is starting to shoot, but really, that's about it. We haven't yet chosen any seeds, bought potatoes to chit or decided what we do and don't want to do this year.

2010 has caught us on the hop. I'm. Just. Not. Ready!

Saturday, 6 February 2010



Mangocheeks at Allotment 2 Kitchen has tagged me for a Favourite Photo Meme. That's lovely. But also REALLY difficult to do! Thinking about which photo to select has made me realise how lucky I am - from having Adam and my friends and family, to enjoying open spaces, fresh air, fresh food, and great holidays, even keeping chickens - they all represent different aspects of a wonderful whole. Which is great, as 2010 hasn't been that brilliant so far. So thanks for making me think, Mangocheeks!

Ok, so an hour later, after scrolling through many more photos than I thought I had, here's my favourite picture (of the moment):

We went away to stay at a yurt in the Cotswolds last May, to celebrate us being together for ten years. The yurt was in its own little forest, in the middle of farmland, and was totally secluded. At night, the only light was from candles, the shower was a watering can hanging on the branch of a tree, and the toilet was a hole in the ground behind a willow screen. It was all pretty basic. At the time this photo was taken we'd been there all of ten minutes, but a campsite's not complete without a good campfire! I've never seen Adam more content than when roaming around 'our' forest with his axe, looking for suitable burning materials! The fact we had to start a fire and wait 15 minutes for the iron kettle to boil for any cup of tea forced us to slow down and take it easy. And you know what - it was a fantastic escape from real life. Which we all need now and again.

I'd love to go back.